WDCM 1009


USTCMS official email is [email protected]

UST CMS services will temporarily be UNAVAILABLE starting MAY 10, 2019 due to the UST Semestral Break. Requests past this date will not be entertained. We will reopen on August 2019.

Starting February 26, 2019, changes in the request of services at our culture collection will be implemented.

  • New request guidelines are now available and will be strictly implemented. Non-compliant requests to the updated guidelines will be automatically rejected.
  • For microorganism orders, requesting party is required to be the direct user of the microorganism/s. Parents/relatives of the direct user will be not be allowed to process your requests and acceptance of microorganisms.
  • For JHS and SHS students, requestor should be the adviser/teacher-in-charge but students are allowed to process the request.
  • Microorganisms with * are readily available and should be released after the designated processing period. Those without * should be verified to the USTCMS staff either via email or phone call after you receive a request confirmation which will follow after your completion of the Survey of Capacity and Capability to Undergo Microbiological Research.